I got my own “Shakira.” ( Part 1 )

“I want a puppy! I want a buddy who follows me wherever I go, and be there whenever I want him to be, please Mom ?”

Have you ever said that stuffs to your parents when you wanted a puppy so bad? You started to do exactly what your parents said, from studying hard, getting good grades, doing all the housekeeping by yourself, all just so they would buy you your dream life companion, a cute fluffy puppy? Well, I did. ( Stupid boy )

I started begging my parents since I was, uhh 15? Since my neighbor introduced me to his new pet, a cute Tekkel puppy. I was like “Oh My God, why did God had to create such a cute thing like this?” After that, the begging process. I have been begging for a puppy for a long long time, since junior high school to senior high school, 5 freakin’ years! All just for a cute, fluffy puppy. I didn’t know back then that having a dog is freakin’ exhausting. It’s like having a rabies hyperactive baby running around the house and bite everything he see. At first, I thought having a puppy were like having a new family member, I can play with him, sleep together ( like in movies, throw away your TV, keep it out of children ), or even watch TV together.


Well long story short, my parents had so many excuses, such as, the neighbor won’t like the barks, your brother is allergic to dogs, or dogs don’t like living in a small house ( DUH my dog is acting like the Kardashians ) After the struggle, convincing them that puppies are cute, and threatening to kill them *smirk*, they finally surrender and gave up. I was so happy, if there is a word that could express maximum level of happiness *insert here*.

So I began searching all about dogs, I didn’t know how to start searching for what kind of dogs I wanted, so here’s how my research began :

First I wanted a Corgi dogs, because, look at their short legs ( awwww ) but too pricey, and mom is like “No way! Money is my second husband!” ( Typical moms )


Moving on to Siberian Husky, that Oh Masculine breeds are so OwhMhyGowhd, and imagine when you take your Husky for a walk, and the girls next doors will be like ” Hey Gorgeous.” but due to the high maintenance it needs, beside, “Furricane” inside the house isn’t a great idea.


So, Hush Puppies, look at their body, so… distracting in a good way? I love Hush Puppies, and whenever I walked into Hush Puppies stores, I always see the advertising first ( awwww ) but I’m not a fan of their saliva, and no, I won’t flood my living room with their salivassss and turning into swimming pool. So move on.


It took me 3 months just to search for the right dog, and miracle happened, “miracle”. I went to a mall, looking around at the pet shops, and there she is, my “I thought we were best buddies” puppy, a beagle. Beagles look like Hush Puppies, but no saliva. So, it’s like upgraded versions of Hush Puppies. Long story short *again*, I bought her. Funny thing is the shopkeeper gave her a name, Shakira. How lovely weird name right ( damn you fanatic ) I tried to change her name into something more “Acceptable” in social life, because it’s funny when I took her for a walk and called her name Shakira, both socially awkward and mentally awkward. So i changed her name into Kira, more stylish, Japanese-ish, and more acceptable. So yeah, I got my own Shakira, we hang out together, sleep together, and watch TV together as well, spread the word Shakira’s fans!


” Yeah that’s my Shakira. “

To be continue…


She said “Nobu-what???”

“One Asian Dolce Latte, what’s your name sir?” “Nobuyuki” “Nobu-what??? You gotta be kidding me.”

Does everyone here love Starbucks? Chilling at a Starbucks cafe with best friend and non-stop talking about cute guys/girls? Or just talking about that one b*tch at school? ( I do )

Anyway, hanging out with friends is common right, doing stuffs with them, laugh together, chilling. But, hanging out with best friend is a different story, doing crazy stuffs together in front of the public, non-stop laughter, being silly together, now that’s what I called hanging out. Last night I went out to Starbucks, the place where ”  3 hours sitting with a cup of coffee on your desk.” place. We have to wait for 10 minutes to the barista. Why people these days are so complicated, It’s a coffee shop, not a mourning house. The guy in front of us were having a conversation like : “Hey sir what can I get you?” “Ohhhh, letttt meeeee seeeeee…” for 10 minutes he was just standing there and looking at the coffee menu. Please, you are buying coffee not some expensive jewelry.

Anyway, you know when you order a cup of Starbucks, they wil–might be asking for your name right? Well, this happened to me too, and imagine how fun it is if the barista couldn’t spell your name, so instead of saying my real name, me and my best friend faked our name, Nobuyuki and Kemomiko how wonderful. *smirk* Not just that, acting like a total Japanese teenager is super fun. ( and weird ) We totally nailed it.

Okay you must be wondering what is the point of this article? Fine, what I wanted to say is you can’t do crazy stuffs with your ordinary friends, not all of them match your craziness and silliness. They would call you a weirdo for doing that too. I know you guys must have that one friend, that matches your weirdness, and craziness, who shares a lot with you too, right? ( If you don’t have, I will hire an assassin to end your misery, comments your address below ) I know you guys had your fun times together too, share them with me too, comment below and let me hear yours, thankyou and cheers ! (So here’s my Nobu-what name )



Pilot (With birthday gift)

So, yeah hi guys. This is super awkward for me, never write a blog before so I don’t know how to start. Let me start by celebrating my new blog. *cutting the ceremony ribbon*  Yay! (please stab me from behind with a knife ) Well anyway, of course you are wondering what is in this blog, and all I can say is I’m sharing my life moments, my social-life moments with my bestfriend, my best bestfriend. So, hope you guys like my future posts, and my bad writings. I honestly don’t know how to write, I just want you guys to take some time to read my writings and shares your thoughts about it, it will be fun, and saying this makes me feel more akward. (If there’s alien out there, this is the best time to abduct me.)

Anyway I’ll continue, as the quotes says, “If you don’t have a friend, you don’t have a life.” Well that’s true, especially us teenagers, “best friend forever”, “forever bestie”, “brother/sister from another mother”, that kind of silly names we are calling our crazy friendship. Well I have one too, someone who share great moments with me, and I’m gonna share with you guys too, and of course, vice versa. Hopefully I can inspire you, and you can inspire me as well !

Long story short, I just celebrated my birthday, so much fun, and she gave me a birthday present (of course, she’s my best friend) I’m going to show you what she gave me… ( hastag youb*tch ) Anyway, drop your comments, and yes, your “motivating yet insulting” criticsm, and thankyou for reading this stuffs, cheers!