Pilot (With birthday gift)

So, yeah hi guys. This is super awkward for me, never write a blog before so I don’t know how to start. Let me start by celebrating my new blog. *cutting the ceremony ribbon*  Yay! (please stab me from behind with a knife ) Well anyway, of course you are wondering what is in this blog, and all I can say is I’m sharing my life moments, my social-life moments with my bestfriend, my best bestfriend. So, hope you guys like my future posts, and my bad writings. I honestly don’t know how to write, I just want you guys to take some time to read my writings and shares your thoughts about it, it will be fun, and saying this makes me feel more akward. (If there’s alien out there, this is the best time to abduct me.)

Anyway I’ll continue, as the quotes says, “If you don’t have a friend, you don’t have a life.” Well that’s true, especially us teenagers, “best friend forever”, “forever bestie”, “brother/sister from another mother”, that kind of silly names we are calling our crazy friendship. Well I have one too, someone who share great moments with me, and I’m gonna share with you guys too, and of course, vice versa. Hopefully I can inspire you, and you can inspire me as well !

Long story short, I just celebrated my birthday, so much fun, and she gave me a birthday present (of course, she’s my best friend) I’m going to show you what she gave me… ( hastag youb*tch ) Anyway, drop your comments, and yes, your “motivating yet insulting” criticsm, and thankyou for reading this stuffs, cheers!



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